A Field Trip to the Netherlands

These are some of the responses I said when I tell my mates I was returning form the Netherlands. I’ve always been drawn by the flat country and I’m not bothered about going anywhere else.

Here’s why…

“This is the photo that I love most about this country. You can ride without worrying about getting flat tyres because the paths are surfaced.You don’t need to worry about being knocked off your bike by a car, deafened by traffic, or choked up by exhaust fumes in the countryside. The drivers usually are safe and responsible.”

“The routes are surprisingly varied and interesting too. There are undulating dunes, coastal forest, roadside canals, country lanes, wetlands, dykes, and seawalls located in pretty towns and villages.”

“The view is charming with its tall narrow windmills lining the canals and the narrow streets as there are equally charming boats that come in every shape, colour and size.”

“Those tulips are everywhere! Wherever you travel around the Netherlands, you will find some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Springtime is now my favorite season.”

“Most towns in the Netherlands are quiet and filled with historical artifacts. Every part of the Netherlands has its share of towns and villages. Check out the old fishing villages, the dykes, the boat-less canals, and thatched cottages.”

The best parts of the country is its scenery. Do you agree?

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