A Realistic Fantasy

This story was inspired by my friend, Alicia. It was always her dream to travel to New York City, but she never went. She often tells me that she fantasizes about the chance of living there, but she’ll make a big mistake to relocate and leave her entire life behind. Despite having a great life and family in San Diego, she still wonders if the ‘grass is greener on the other side’. I decided to write a story about her ‘realistic’ fantasy. Enjoy!


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Alicia said. Staring at the birds flying into the cloudy skies, an aura of bright sunlight peeked into her view. She tried to stay in control of her emotions. A tear trickled down her cheek as mist formed around the ferry. Warm waves of water followed her from the East River. “I made it,” she said softly as she saw the Brooklyn bridge within distance. Her heart skipped a beat; words couldn’t describe how she actually felt. “This is where you want to be, right?” Alicia smiled, knowing that this will be the beginning of her lone journey through the Big Apple.


She took a deep breath. The fresh air brought clarity to her situation, only for it to disappear a moment later. “Well, this was your best chance to do it!” Alicia’s shoulders tensed to the thought of it. “They wouldn’t understand.” Alicia looked around as the sight of green grass caught her attention. The smell of salt water wafted into the air as she caught the announcement of her stop.


“You’re still young,” Alicia said, taking another deep breath. “If someone were in your position, they would follow their passion too.” With barely any savings at her disposal, she stretched her arms away from the rail and walked to the nearest exit. “Leave everything behind! Isn’t it my decision instead of listening to others?” She got lost in her own thoughts for a moment as she realized the privilege to travel to New York City came as a high cost of losing everything she left behind.


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