About Us

“It’s funny now when I think back to it, but at that time I was scared for my life!”

“When you come here?,” the hotel clerk said. I was told to stand alone in a corner as two officers were called in for integration.

One officer turned to his partner and spoke to him in Thai. He looked like his shift was about to end, but he grabbed my passport from him without saying a single word.

Too scared to move, I had to properly answer a question that didn’t have a clear answer. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I’ll ever be able to get out of Bangkok alive.

To be fair, I can understand if you think this is the scary part, but it gets worse…

“Look, I was asking the guy for directions and he told me that he was going to slit my throat”, I showed them the motion with my hand going across my neck, “then he followed me to the hotel.”

It didn’t seem to matter. The hotel clerk translated and overheard their conversation as they’ve discussed which action to take. All I could tell was that the officer’s eyes were glued to every page of my passport.

“Oh, my!”,said the hotel clerk as she scratched the back of her head, “He asked, ‘If only your stamps could talk, what kind of stories would they tell me?’”

Small Steps and Lucky Leaps

Small steps and lucky leaps eventually brought Chris to Passerport. He moved from the big city in New York to a small town in Thailand in 2014, and then later moved on to Japan when he realized his passion in storytelling. Several years later, he became the Project Manager of a company with the same unusual passion.

Word of Chris’s stories had spread around, but he never found the time to publish them for the general public to see. He had join us, a community of freelancers, during his traveling adventure. So far, he has been able to complete his first novel with as much effort as writing Facebook posts to his friends and family.

Chris’s story is one of guts and determination to turn a negative into a positive. Using this as his only guidance at the time, his experience has taught us a lot about “Don’t lose hope – just find a way!” Chris said this about starting a new chapter with us: “It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you can breathe and move, you can find a way out!”