Dog Shelters Shelter Dogs

Animal welfare organizations are establishing shelter guidelines and reporting practices as part of maintaining safer environments for all shelter dogs. The organization reports participating shelters and provides resources to track information at facilities in your community. With more than 5,000 shelters across the United States, we can be able to provide some national oversight for these facilities.

Let’s embrace programs that have worked in other cities

Within their first year of implementing changes, shelter officials reported a 52 percent decrease in euthanized pets in 2007. When shelters in Reno, Nevada, streamlined their adoption process, they created weekend hours, conducted off-site adoption fairs, and created a help desk to field calls for owners who need anything from training tips, pet food, spay/neuter services, to moral support. They’ve became aggressive about marketing these features, as well as marketing adoptable pets to provide added exposure for dogs that typically have a difficult time finding permanent homes. With the goal of saving majority of all impounded animals, implementing programs that had been successful in other cities can secure new leadership at the local shelters throughout the country.

Enlisting dog lovers to help fight for the right cause

Ads in local newspapers, massively produced information guides highlighting animal welfare, and volunteers attending city council meetings ignited a huge network of animal lovers to take action. The odds of eliminating euthanization in dog shelters push them and others to be advocates for pets, which eventually gained support from city council members who passed a resolution to reduce the number of healthy and adoptable pets euthanized each year. That resolution served for various animal advocates to join forces.

Protect the value of a pet-friendly community

As we learn to embrace the idea of a pet-friendly city, politicians and local businesses are eligible to give volunteers discounts at certain stores and host a number of events benefiting adopted pet owners. To spread the word about adoptable dogs, fundraising events, and rescue success stories, these politicians and local businesses intend to connect dog lovers with fun walks, obedience classes, dog training, and therapy sessions. They want to help shelters extend their promotional efforts through social media to make sure people know about available dogs at their local shelter.

Our Proposal to Volunteer

There are some things we can do today to help shelter pets in your community. For the estimated 6.5 million animals that enter shelters each year, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that about 1.5 million pets that enter shelters annually are euthanized. Every adopted dog helps lower the city’s euthanasia rate. Consider serving as a foster owner for dogs, helping out at a local shelter, or following an organization on Facebook and sharing information on a regular basis.

Learn more about adopting shelter dogs in your community!

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