Dress Like a Gentleman

A gentleman should be prepared for every occasion. With the right wardrobe, you can dress up for anything and feel confident when you arrive. You’ll want the right pieces to help you complete your style. Perfect your look each time with essential accessories for every gentleman’s wardrobe.

  • Accessories make an outfit stand out, whether you’re going to work, a wedding, or an event where you need to impress, a nice watch or bracelet will add a touch of gentlemanly flair to your wardrobe. I would recommend wearing a ring. It shows status, yet it doesn’t need to be too expensive to catch someone’s eye.
  • Adding a tie instantly makes you look smarter, cleaner, and professional. Wearing a tie also lets you add a dash of color to your outfit, which is ideal for coordination or to fit a theme. Get yourself several ties to hang in your closet so that you can choose the perfect tie to match with your outfit. Avoid novelty ties and stick to plainer styles for a more gentlemanly look. Remember to invest in some formal ties as well, including plain black ties, so that you have something suitable for every type of event or occasion.
  • Hats aren’t for everyone, but it’s worth investing into a couple of styles for your wardrobe if you need something to bring you to the next level. Hats can be very casual or they can be made more formal to suit the occasion. Whether you’re keeping it cool in a classic cap or you’re adding a touch of class with a straw hat, there are several options for you to try when it comes to your head.
  • As for toes, shoes can make any outfit stand out, and having a selection of shoes in your wardrobe will make it much easier to dress for any occasion. From casual shoes to your finest footwear, having a variety is the answer to being prepared. Make sure your shoes are well maintained by cleaning them regularly. Shine your formal shoes to give them a ‘fresh from the box’ look each and every time. Investing in a quality leather shoe is important for longevity as you’ll easily notice the difference between upgrading to a more expensive shoe and buying less expensive shoes frequently.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of good grooming! Pulling off a gentlemanly style, even while you’re on vacation, requires looking the part from head to toe. A grooming kit can become your best friend in that respect by making sure your nails are always neat and keeping your hair trimmed. Travel-sized kits are great for keeping with you to help make those essential touch ups anytime.

With the right accessories in your wardrobe, you will dress like a gentleman each and every time. To maintain your wardrobe, you should clean out your closet each season and invest in new pieces, with accessories being higher on your priority list. If you want to put your accessories to good use, be the best dressed man wherever you go. Dressing well starts with basic accessories, so make sure you have all of the essentials ready and waiting in your closet.

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