God’s Plan For You

If only you went to college.   

The scholarship you’d have been given   

Those who have opinions on your music   

Would have fell into a lifelong passion.


Wouldn’t you want the chance to compare your life to your failures?  

Even on your best days, you were never that good.

Even if you really tried at it.

You’re spared yourself from the disappointment.


It hurts you to think of changing the conversation

to those who withhold you from your dreams.  

Save the empathy for your children when they ask you   

about that hit you were destined to make there.   


You don’t want that accomplishment.

You’d have enjoyed the conversations you’re used to.  

Knowing that any man would have

done far better than you ever could.   


Can you sleep at night believing shit like that?

Pacing your cramped bedroom, harassed by your thoughts.   

You know that in eight years, the ones who loves you   

will feel compelled to have you in their lives.


The difference between what is and what could have been

will remain a secret for you.   

Even after you rot and decompose   

underneath the dark, cold earth.


Unless you can’t accept your reality.   

Sit down tonight and think

about the life you can talk about,   

which is the life God planned for you.

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