Halloween in Toronto

Some people put WAY too much effort into decorating their homes, yards, and driveway. Some may even construct life-size replicas of graveyards or dungeons. I used to watch people from my neighborhood view decorations. My favorite moments include watching children jump up in fright. 😱😂

Many of them would go out to trick-or-treat. They dress up as ghosts, witches, and skeletons to visit homes around the neighborhood. They would ring doorbells and yell “trick-or-treat” when someone answers. This means that they will receive lots of sweets or other snacks – or else threaten to play a trick if they do not get anything. 😈

There are special types of things that I associate with Halloween. These include sweets in small packets. Decorated with symbols of Halloween, the small packets of chocolate, sweet corn, caramel, and cookies will make children jittery for days. 😬

Children still participate in long-standing Canadian traditions. Pumpkin-carving contests, pumpkin art tours, reading marathons, and symbolic walks are some examples of the educational and fundraising activities schools develop to help provide thousands of children with quality fun. 👯

Halloween is a time when spirits might give messages to people. Because of Halloween traditions that were brought to Canada by Irish and Scottish immigrants, some children believe that spirits from the underworld and ghosts of dead people could visit us on Halloween. Although these spirits can’t harm us or take them back to the underworld, they like to pretend and dress up like us. I hope that this confuse the ghosts and spirits as much as us. 😜

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