Homemade Waffles For Two

It was those memories back in the day when my mom had spent Sundays cooking for us that inspired me to cook in the first place. We were ecstatic whenever she stayed home to make homemade flatiron waffles. Since her actual job was to iron clothes, she was crazy busy on most days and worked her booty off to save every penny for us. 😧

As I became an adult, those memories became distant as I moved away from home to take classes at college while balancing full-time work as an intern. My boyfriend surprised me one day with an early morning breakfast. We are college kids who are beyond excited for this, so we had to find where the best place was to get breakfast. 🙂

We were told about a charming little breakfast place with fancy flowers and a romantic touch that were well known for their waffles, but we experienced some sticker shock when we looked at the menu. In typical Toronto fashion, I said “it is all good. I can make this for you at home.” 😉

We left that restaurant and he ate one of the hands down best breakfast dishes I ever made. “It was well worth the wait.” my boyfriend said to me as he finished his last bite. Ever since that day, I wanted to recreate that lovely breakfast dish that my mom used to make for everyone. 🤗❤🍴

It is made by making a sweetened batter using flour, fresh milk, and butter. Stuffing it in between a flat iron, let it toast for 8-10 minutes. It quickly sizzles until golden brown, cooked to perfection.  The waffle can be topped with powdered sugar, fresh butter, homemade fluffy whipped cream, and a touch of maple syrup. Absolutely divine as it is impressive to taste.😍😋😊

Maybe today, my roommate will come home from work to find “breakfast served for dinner,” as she like to call it. I will serve her up a plate and watch with anticipation for her response. She is always an honest critic and I want her to be reminded of that memorable dish from my childhood too. Thankfully, she said that she loved other recipes so I might let my guard down a little bit! 😅

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