Preparing Your Kids for School

As a mother of two children, I had my fair share of troubles before school. This time around, a friend of mine recommended something that would get the kids laughing and smiling before their day begins. She told me “The silver lining to being a working mother is that your kids are at least there to brighten your day.” Aside from the occasional tantrums, I can count the amount of funny stories that make me smile or laugh out loud at something ridiculous they’ve said. So, I decided to tell them some of their funny stories for breakfast. Here are some of them that popped into to my head:

  1. We were eating dinner when I asked my five year old son Thomas if he could pass the tomato sauce.  After a long deep sigh, he obliged and gave me the sauce. I was offended by his reaction and decided to remind him of the sacrifices I had made to bring him into this world. His response was classic: “You’re playing the old “I gave birth to you” card again? Really Mom, how long are we going to do this?”
  2. After moving to Atlanta, my four-year-old daughter, Jennifer and I were often together in our house. Because we lived in an urban area, I wanted to make sure my daughter knows when to call 911 in the event that something happened to my husband and me. After instructing her, I decided to test her to see if she followed instructions. I asked her “What would you do if you found me on the floor hurt?” I could see her working out the situation in her head, but to my surprise she said, “Mummy, you call 911!”
  3. My husband and I encouraged our children to always try their best. One afternoon, my dad, husband and I took them to the zoo. Jennifer was three years old at the time and loved elephants. She was amused for a bit when she saw a baby elephant and then, with her hands wrapped around her hips, remarked “Well, that’s not what I expected.”
  4. I was outside when I heard a loud thump and a cry. I ran to find Thomas at the bottom of the stairs. I found out that he had jumped from the top of the stairs, trying to fly like a bird. After a long talk about only birds can fly, I walked away with the feeling I had gotten my point across. That was until I heard my son whisper, “I must wave my arms faster!”

Try to come up with a few stories that you find funny and tell it to your children when they’re getting ready to leave for school. 🙂

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