Sell Your Blog: Eight Ways For Your Author Blog To Get Traffic

Whether you’re a seasoned or a first-time blogger, you’re going to need to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit to convince people to read your articles. It doesn’t take an expert to realize that creating a blog is a brutal process. Even after you’re finished writing articles, you still have to figure out how to get it out there for all to see.

People reject the vast majority of blogs for any reason, including market presence to content quality. Of those that are well liked, only a portion of them will draw a significant amount of traffic. While quality matters, the demands of the market dictate the choices people make.

Blogging isn’t without its challenges though. Namely marketing is the one aspect, again and again, that gives them the biggest headaches. Let’s go through a quick list of tips and tricks you can apply to help make marketing your author blog more successful.

  1.  Make the blog about yourself

This is a no brainer. Your blog is likely to be the cornerstone of your articles and ideas. This is where people can get to know you and this is where you’ll point new readers to your social media pages and newsletters.

It’s important not to be too blatant with the idea of selling your books. If you’re always urging your readers to buy, it will make it look like you’re begging for a money instead of being actually passionate about the material you’ve written about.

Instead, create high-quality and relevant content with an eye toward SEO. Your blog will help you rank in Google searches, which will lead to more people discovering you!

  1. Find a niche

Your niche just might be the next phenomenon that will help you get your author blog spread wider than it could have been before. For instance, your niche could be about your personal experiences. One of your articles could be about how Bitcoin technology helped protect your transactions by stamping them with a unique identifier.

Each time you create a personal article, it will help drive traffic to your author blog on Google and other search engines because there might not have any articles on safety and security. 

  1. Write a killer “About” section

Even if the contents of your author blog are amazing, no one’s going to keep reading it without knowing what it’s about. That’s when a short description about yourself. What you write in your description is what you’re also using to sell your blog. You should absolutely write a few versions of your description. After you’re done writing those versions, get feedback on which is the most effective.

You’re the one marketing your own blog, so you can make it exactly what you want. Just make sure it’s cutting edge and brings a fresh perspective to the enormous landscape. It must be the best piece of writing you put out in the world.

  1. Spread the word using newsletters

Building an email list for your author blog is one of the most effective ways to market because you’re getting directly into people’s inboxes. As of today, the marketing channel with the highest return on investment in the game is email.

So there’s no doubt you should be using it. But if you need a little help before you start, it’s important to do your research and get some tips on how to use newsletters to your advantage.

If you’re an established blogger, you may already have an email list. If not, start grabbing addresses from your blog when people visit. If you don’t have a blog, create one as soon as possible before thinking about self-publishing your articles, so people will have a place to go to when they’re looking for information about you.

  1. Get on the bandwagon

When you bought a website in the past, you couldn’t do anything else but figure it out yourself. Now, with website builders like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, the templates transferred on the website is your own. You can then customize your website any way you wish.

This opens the door for a whole number of new opportunities that weren’t available with blogs before. For example, an author can create their own blog and his/her readers can control every aspect of it within a hour of its creation.

It also opens up the opportunity to create websites more easily than ever before. The person doesn’t actually need to have to know coding or technical skills . All that they really need is a computer/smartphone and internet access.

  1. Make social media your strategy

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing efforts for your author blog if done well. Like all things, building a following on social media takes time. The easiest way to build your platforms from the ground up is to find other people in the same space as you, writing and publishing their articles. When you interact with them, you can follow each other and support each other with directing traffic to each other.

A social media page is a great place to start because you can interact with other like-minded authors and begin to spread the word about your own blog. People use Facebook or Twitter to let the world know what their blog is about.You can also consider using Instagram, especially if you have a niche about cooking or something else that can produce beautiful pictures for people to get interested in while browsing your account. Medium is another place where you can go to interact and network with other blog lovers for free.

  1. Get comments and shares

When people are browsing through your author blog, comments and shares are an essential part of the process that gets people coming back for more. That information alone should make you rush to get comments and shares for your blog. It’s much less likely that people will visit again if there are no comments as opposed to one that has a least a few or many comments.

Ask your readers to comment on the articles on your website once they’ve read it. If you’re just getting started and don’t have any readers yet, you can call in a favor with friends or family. These people still have relevant opinions and can start to build up your comments while your blog is still gaining popularity.

  1. Offer Something for Free

The idea of giving something up for free may be painful, but it’s often the hook that can lead people into coming in the long run. So think of it not as giving something away, but you’re putting in work for a long-term investment for your brand.

Whenever you write something on your author blog, you’re hoping to get people interested in what you have to say. Tailor your blog posts to hook people in. All of your blog content is free for anyone who comes across it! If you have a long article, split it up into a series. The first article of the series is giving away something for a limited time. Once your reader is hooked after reading that first part, they’ll invest in the next installment of your work.

Once people are drawn in by what you’re doing with your blog, you can gently lead them toward reading your more of your other blog articles or books. When you have an engaged audience because you’re putting up useful and relevant information, converting into engaged traffic becomes simple.

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