Speak It into Existence

Speaking things into existence is not really magic, but it totally feels like magic. Similar to journaling, creative visualization, or other techniques within the law of attraction, speaking things into being is another way to work with what we know best. Just speak about the things you want to happen enough and in time they’ll happen!

When we focus our attention on something for long enough, it’ll always manifests in one form or another. When speaking about your dreams and desires, it’s important to talk with conviction, passion and trust. The universe is listening and will often deliver what you wish to exist.

Speaking your words into existence requires some practice and discipline, because most often than not, most of us are complaining about what we don’t want instead of praising what we want. Every time you’re tempted to complain or vent about something turn it into gratitude. If done correctly, “I hate it when my boyfriend doesn’t listen to me,” becomes “I love it when my boyfriend listens to me.”

If you find it absolutely impossible to turn your complaint into something of gratitude, just move on to something else you like to have instead. if you hate pickles and you’re about to complain about how the restaurant put pickles on your cheeseburgers, even when you specifically told them not to add them, then talk about how you will find a way to check to see if the restaurant takes out the pickles.

Talk about anything that makes you feel good. What good is complaining when you can easily just get on your life? This will get easier with practice because once you’ve seen it happen the first time, you’ll have more confidence in it. The most important thing is you have to believe in what you are saying. Just like when you’re telling the truth, speaking things into existence isn’t much different. In other words, my aunt would say “You got to believe it to see it!”

The words we speak have power. How to use them to your advantage is up to you!

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