The Easy Part

Let’s be honest: the easy part is always losing the weight. It’s fun and exciting to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly, but it’s not easy to maintain. It took no time to gain the weight back, so it’s time for me to get serious about maintaining the weight loss. I get motivated to think that in a few months I’ll be wearing my old pair of jeans and could finally buy that cute top that’s not available in my current size. I say to myself a few short months of painful exercise oughta do it! I think the diet sounds easy enough…three meals a day and I could eat whatever I want once a week. Count me in!

However, all the weight I lost came back after I had my last child, plus five additional pounds for good measure. Even though I kept up my exercise routine, it was a trend that was happening over again and I couldn’t understand why the diets that actually worked before didn’t keep the weight away long enough for me to figure out what I was doing right.

What I especially can’t understand is how my husband could eat the same sized portions I was eating with even less healthy food and never gain a single pound! I once watched him down an entire, full-sized pizza pie all by himself! I see my friends routinely eat their full sized portions of pasta ad white rice and never gain a pound either. None of these people are athletes that train every day. In fact, most of them have more sedentary lives than me!

I started wondering if there was some unknown pill everyone is taking they that keeps the food from turning into fat in their body, if they were secretly running when no one was looking, or purging their meals in advance. Meanwhile, I’m counting every calorie and eating half of my usual portions and still gain weight. I seriously don’t know what’s going on and it’s frustrating. I didn’t even lose weight while I dealt with morning sickness after the pregnancy.

After doing nearly every diet imaginable, I’d still gain the weight back somehow. I did the math and I had gained and lost over 200 pounds. I know it’s time for me to completely change my strategy, but I have two choices at this point since gastric bypass isn’t an option. Either I have to accept that this weight won’t come off and I’m going to be fat for the rest of my life, or I’m going to change my perceptions about losing and keeping the weight away.   

I was at my end as I thought about choosing the latter option. The frustration of never being able to reach my goal weight and to keep it off have put me in a new mental state. I know the way I was used to eating only served two purposes and neither of them were beneficial to becoming healthy. One was I had spent some time starving myself and that had only made matters worse. The second was always filling my stomach beyond its capacity. It makes me feel bloated to be so full and it’s either uncomfortable or downright miserable.

I thought that I will never be the type of person who could mindlessly eat whatever I want or as much as I want and not be fat. I also started asking myself why I wanted to lose the weight because It feels satisfying to eat, but I’m mostly likely feeding an addiction more than my body. Maybe I addicted to eating for pleasure, for celebration, for entertainment, for any purpose that would make me feel happy.

Another thing I noticed is eating sporadically. Before I met a certified nutritionist, everyone told me that I have to eat regularly to keep that engine running, but I found every excuse why I can’t do it. Sometimes, I wouldn’t eat for most of the day, then have one big meal, which confused my metabolism into thinking food is something that would rarely come during the day. It figured out that I have to store all kind of fats, carbs, and sugars that comes in its way in case I run out of energy. My body isn’t going to release anything at this rate as the engine that fuels my body will completely stall when burning calories. I have to work my way around my excuses, whether they are legitimate or not, or nothing is going to change.

If you’re anything like me, making the decision to get serious about the weight loss is a liberating feeling, no matter how many times you keep trying. I’ve been on my fair share of diets and lost zero pounds. This time, it’s time to try something entirely different. I plan to lose three pounds every week with a combination of exercise five days per week. I want to lose sixty pounds in five months for my sister’s wedding.

I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it!

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