The Most Expensive Countries to Visit on a Budget

Figuring out how to visit an expensive country cheaply is like solving a difficult puzzle. I’m always fascinated by expensive countries, because I enjoy the challenge of finding out how to do things within a budget. If visiting Iceland on a budget was possible, (which it’s supposedly one of the least budget-friendly countries in the world) then I can tell you that traveling to these places can be done on a budget too.

United Kingdom (U.K)

It might be hard but not impossible to do. Because of more expensive cities like London, the U.K gets a bad rep for being a place to visit. As a local, I can say that it’s not expensive to live here at all. The more the locals work at finding ways to save money, the better it is for tourist to travel and to beat the system. After multiple visits, my non-British friends told me that England can be done cheaply.


I’m going to place all of the Nordic countries into this category. (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, etc.) Everything from food, accommodation, eating out at McDonald’s, and drinking will be relatively expensive, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. With a cup of hot chocolate, you will be able to at least stay warm in the winter.


I was surprised when I first got to Melbourne and found out that my cup of coffee and biscuit was worth more than transport. This country is also rated high for cost-of-living and quality of life. If you want to stay in Australia cheaply, you should keep an eye on your food and drinking budget. Slow down on the coffee while you’re at it!

New Zealand

Like its neighbor in the west, New Zealand is known for their expensive prices. Fortunately, the country has a lot of natural beauty that is easily accessible for tourists and plenty of dairy shops for you to grab a quick bite to eat. The best part is that drinking water is everywhere, which can save you money in the long run.


Have you ever eaten Swiss chocolate? If you have, then you know how expensive it is to buy. Imagine going to the origin country and finding out that it cost about the same price! Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but for visitors who enjoy hiking, you are in the best place for that. Pack a sandwich and some crisps, and you can live the life of luxury on a strict budget.


There you go! These are my top picks for expensive countries to visit on a budget. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors to partying at pubs, these countries can be done sparingly within any budget. If you want to plan the perfect trip, check out my comprehensive guide 5 Alternative Budget Ideas For Travelling. It gets straight to the practical information that you need to travel and save money in some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world.

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