What is Semi-Publishing?

Semi-publishing is for you, the independent author or writer, to execute on ideas for books that you want to publish. Our semi-publishing service includes editing/ proofreading, cover design, interior illustration, formatting, and promotion for paperback and digital eBook format. We also provide marketing services and author consultation if you don’t want to go through the publishing process alone. You provide us with your Passerport profile name, and your post(s) title with directions for your text and/or your high-resolution digital illustrations. We’ll provide the rest!

You have several options to choose from, which will allow you to choose how you would like to distribute your content into publication. Our publishing packages provide a payment term billed one-time or in monthly installments, a sample for your book, revisions, and the option to add or delete any service before purchase. Please send an email first for an estimated price before paying. All prices are quoted in USD.



A pre-publishing package with Passerport is for the aspirating self-published authors or writers who want to customize the production for their book. Depending on the size of the book, the quality and craft of the manuscript, and the number of graphics and illustrations needed for the interior of the book, we will provide an estimate detailing all costs for our pre-publication work, alongside a comprehensive contract detailing services, terms, requirements, and any legal details. Your cost may vary depending on the quality of the work, the billing cycle, and any advanced work that is needed.

All pre-publishing questions must be sent to our email: pre-publishing@passerport.com


If you want your published work to be represented by Passerport, post-publishing will allow us to promote and market your book in a way that will draw readers’ attention. Because of our targeted audiences, we accept submissions of any kind, including books, proposals, manuscripts, illustrations, artwork, and/or queries at this time. This includes submission of personal work previously published elsewhere. We are unable to provide translation for authors.

All post-publishing questions must be sent to our email: post-publishing@passerport.com

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