When You Know

Anthony admired the skyline of the city as he looked out the window. His gaze shifted away from the beautiful designed buildings of downtown. Tensed from sitting in a cramped position for several minutes, he reached out with both hands as a man handed him a classified folder that matched his black suit and gold silk tie.  

“This belongs to you. Please read it carefully and place your signature on the marked line,” the man said in a broad tone. Inside, the folder had several sheets of documents that needed to be read with a magnifying glass. After a moment of examination, Anthony grabbed a ballpoint pen and signed on the bottom line.

“You’re all done,” the man nodded, pressing his seal of approval on the final document. “It should take several business days for delivery.”

Anthony realized how his life had forever changed. He took a deep breath as the fresh air brought clarity to his situation, only for it to disappear a moment later.

When He Knows

“They won’t understand,” Anthony clenched his fingers into a tight fist at the thought of it.

He looked around the crowded street as the smell of garbage filled the air. The smell caught him as soon as he got lost in his own thoughts. Anthony stretch his fingers after he released his fist. He thought about it for a moment about how he didn’t deserve the privilege to live life without her.

“You’re still young with a whole life ahead of you,” he mumbled to himself. “Don’t you think it’s time for you to move on?”

When She Knows

“Do you plan to keep the car?” Jaime held on to the clutch before stalling it. “Did you hear what I said to you?”

Arranged in different colors, the houses looked worlds apart from the neighborhood they used to live. The chirping of sparrows that came from the branches above them became his barrier as Jaime continued to carry her monologue.

“I’m planning to go to visit my parents for the weekend,” Jaime said as Anthony rolled his eyes away from the window. “You should come with me. It’ll be fun!”

She turned her hand away from the clutch, stretching her foot on the break. Anthony noticed that the clutch still had her fingerprints on it. He covered his face with both hands that covered his tangled hair, taking in a deep breath.

When They Know

“It’s great to see you once again,” her father would say.

“We’re happy to have you here with us,” her mother would tell him.

Anthony repeated those words in his head over and over again. On nights when he can’t sleep, he couldn’t stop thinking about the time he spent with the love of his life. The tears flowed down as he thought to himself. The contents of his proceedings sat in the backseat of his new car.

“I won’t let this get to me,” he said through hushed breaths. A few seconds later, he was raging with anger and regret. Bloodshot eyes, dried tears, and a running nose are what could’ve be seen on him as the sun appeared above the horizon.

“I got to give you closure,” he said as he slipped his hand underneath the wooden box.

When You Know

“I have a surprise for you,” Anthony took the box that was next to him and opened it. Inside was a small hollow container. Her initials engraved on the lid.

“I know how much you didn’t ask for it,” he said, “but it’s for the best.”

He looked at the container and took a deep breath. Overwhelmed by emotions he never felt before, he opened the lid and stared. His girlfriend stared back at him – her ashes darkened in the early morning twilight.

Leaning over the ledge of his wheelchair, he spilled all of her at the site of the accident.  

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