World Cup Disappointment

Did you see the World Cup? I was disappointed to see Portugal eliminated and I think Cristiano Ronaldo deserves much of the blame after he failed in the big moment – I’m not talking about his last game against Uruguay, but in his match against Iran. He failed to convert on a penalty that would have given Portugal the first spot in their group. That probably changed everything and the blame can knock on his door for all I care.

He couldn’t score when it mattered most. Portugal had to pack up earlier than expected and as the current European champions going into the World Cup, they were among the best to win the title. Ronaldo is in extraordinary shape and he started the tournament incredibly, but because of one simple penalty kick, Uruguay was ensured victory for the most part.

This was supposed to be Ronaldo’s best World Cup. He scored more than he had in every previous tournament put together. In this World Cup, he was the player with the most shots. His best performance was against Spain when he kicked three goals in an almost perfect game with a 94% pass completion. Against Morocco, he achieved 100% success with one goal.

I was disappointed when his effectiveness decreased after those matches. Although he managed to kick six shots against Uruguay in his elimination match, only one was on target. I couldn’t believe how one missed penalty kick can have such a wide effect on his performance!

What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in the World Cup? Let me know in the comments.

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